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Financial Planning from a CFP® professional+ Tax Planning from a CPA

Shore Financial Planning offers the unique combination of comprehensive financial planning and advanced tax strategies under the same roof. This allows us to provide coordinated advice on taxes, investment management, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning, cash flow planning, college funding, and business planning.

It allows our clients to have all aspects of their financial lives managed in one place, by one trusted fiduciary.

What makes us different?

Taxes are one of your biggest expenses. We plan and prepare taxes for clients and provide comprehensive tax advice year-round. Learn more.

You wouldn’t hire a doctor without a medical degree, and you shouldn’t hire a financial planner who isn’t properly educated. Learn more.

As Registered Investment Advisors, we have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients. Learn more.

We are fee-only financial planners, meaning that we do not sell products or accept commissions. Learn more.

Three Important Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Did you know?

Anyone can call themselves a financial advisor; no minimum experience or education is required by law at this time.

When you work with Shore Financial Planning you can be confident and trust that your advisor is educated, experienced, credentialed, and working in your best interest.

Objective Advice and Personalized Planning

We are proud to be one of only 1% of financial advisors providing financial advice on a Fee-Only basis. We receive no commissions, sell no products, and do not require a minimum.

It begins with your vision, and with your life goals. Whether you are clear in your direction and path, or need assistance determining the best approach, we are available to provide action plans to best suit you.

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