Planning for all Stages of your Professional Career and Life

Busy professionals are in the wealth accumulation stage of their financial lives. As you progress in your career, you’re balancing your debt obligations with asset accumulation for future security. You’re beginning to do more serious retirement and legacy planning to protect yourself and your dependents from future uncertainties. And you’re likely facing new tax implications as you build wealth and diversify your assets.

At Shore Financial Planning, we help busy professionals manage their many financial responsibilities with an emphasis on advanced tax strategies to ensure all the pieces of your financial puzzle are taken care of. We work with busy professionals to:

    • Develop repayment plans for student loans and other debt
    • Save for big purchases like your first home
    • Begin saving for your children’s college education
    • Create tax strategies to minimize your tax burden
    • Develop a retirement savings plan early in your career
    • Develop an estate plan to protect your loved ones
    • Ease complicated financial concerns