Our process begins here with your free, no-obligation, consultation.

Our free consultation allows you to evaluate the value that Shore Financial Planning provides while also assisting you in determining whether we are a good fit to work together.

This meeting is offered to you at no cost, with no pressure. and no obligation.

1. 15-Minute Phone Call

This meeting gives us a chance to make sure your financial situation matches our expertise. If Shore Financial Planning is not the right financial advisory firm to help you, we’ll happily point you to the right expert for your unique needs. If after this meeting you would like to proceed, we will move on to Step 2 in our process.

2. Comprehensive Financial Plan

The next step to get your financial house in order is to invest in your financial future with a Financial Action Plan. We will focus in on your financial goals, needs, and concerns to help you answer and improve:

      • Are you on track to reach your long-term goals?
      • Can your tax bill be reduced?
      • Can your investments be improved?
      • Are you properly insured?
      • Are your estate plans up to date?


The consultation is your opportunity to take get an objective review of your current financial situation. You will receive actionable advice and ongoing access to our financial planning software to improve your financial situation for a fee of $3,780. We feel confident that you will see the value in what we deliver.

Our Promise: We want you to be happy, and we want you to come away from the meeting feeling like you got plenty of value. If you are not happy at the end of the meeting you will receive a full refund. 

Financial Plan Money Back Guarantee
No Risk Comprehensive Financial Plan

Once the assessment is complete, both the financial plan and access to our financial planning software are yours to keep and use how you feel best, whether you move onto Comprehensive Financial Planning and further develop our relationship or simply end the engagement at that point. Should you choose to move onto Comprehensive Financial Planning, the fee for the assessment will be applied towards your planning fees.

3. Ongoing Wealth Management, Financial & Tax Planning + Tax Preparation with audit protection.

All-Inclusive Financial & Tax Advice for a Fair Flat Price.

Take as long as you need to make a decision about hiring Shore Financial Planning. There’s NEVER a hard-sell or pressure to say yes. To help you make a smart decision, consider these questions:

– Do I like, trust, and respect Shore Financial Planning?
– Do the financial benefits outweigh the costs?
– Do I understand and agree with their investment approach?
– Do their financial planning recommendations make sense?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, it’s time to move forward with a Comprehensive Financial Plan and an ongoing partnership. Your fee paid for the Financial and Tax Assessment will be applied towards your financial planning fees.

Book your no-obligation first meeting on the calendar below!

What’s In It For You:
1.   Three year license to our Financial Planning Software VALUE = $720
2.  One-one meeting to help simplify your financial life. VALUE = ???
3.  Customized Financial Action Plan prepared & presented by a fee-only CFP® & CPA. VALUE $2,500
4.  Financial plan delivery meeting with actionable financial & tax advice. VALUE $750
5.  Tax analysis with actionable advice.  VALUE = ???
6.  Improve your investment portfolio via Objective Advice from a fee-only investment professional (non-salesman). VALUE = $$$
7.  Insurance review to help optimize your protection and lower your annual costs.  VALUE = ???
8.  Estate planning review to ensure your loved ones are protected.  VALUE = $$$
9.  Money back guarantee if you are not happy. VALUE = $3,780

COST = $3,780
VALUE = ?????

Objective advice on your current financial situation with actionable steps to improve your financial future. VALUE ???

Wondering where you stand financially today?