Luke Carey

Partner & Senior Financial Advisor

Luke Carey, CFP®, MS

I’m Luke Carey. I joined Shore FP in January 2021, bringing 15+ years of experience advising individuals, families, and small business owners.

Financial advising is personal for me. Growing up, I watched my mother struggle as a single parent, putting herself through college while simultaneously building a career. She would come home exhausted and depressed, and though she found her work unfulfilling, stuck to her goals to improve our family’s life and that of future generations.

My mother’s hard work inspired my own passion for personal finance at a young age. According to family lore, when asked if I could have one wish what I would choose, I responded that I wanted to live forever…to take advantage of compound interest!

This passion drove me to obtain my undergraduate degree in Finance at Iowa State, followed by my Masters in Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University, widely considered to be the top school for financial planning in the country.

Just as I was hitting my stride as a young financial planner, my mother achieved financial independence at the age of 55. But then she was diagnosed with cancer. Her last simple pleasure was to be wheeled out to the back deck to feel the sun on her face while her family surrounded her and entertained her with stories. After decades of hard work, she only got one month on the deck.

Losing the person I cared about most coincided with my own debilitating back injury, and sent me into a dark place. But there I gained an important perspective that influences the financial advice I give to this day. My goal as an advisor is to give you the freedom to enjoy your life given the resources you have. I want to help you save for and protect your future while encouraging you to enjoy the sun on your face in the present.

Outside of work, you can find me tending to my saltwater aquarium, biking, swimming, or exploring our National Parks. I have a life-long love of nature (I’m an Eagle Scout!) and a hatred of low ceilings.